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José Luis de la Serna

Design, Structure and Growing Dynamics of an Online Website of Consumer Oriented Health News and Education in Spanish

José Luis de la Serna
El Mundo (Madrid, Spain)

Carlos Martínez
elmundo.es (Madrid, Spain)

Javier Marco
Hospital Clínico San Carlos (Madrid, Spain)

Ángeles López
elmundo.es (Madrid, Spain)

María Valerio
elmundo.es (Madrid. Spain)

Topic: Health information on the web: Supply and Demand
Track: Business
Type: Poster presentation

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     Last modified: March 28, 2006

Introduction: Since may 2000 we have been running a consumer oriented health website based on a general information newspaper [1].
Aims and method: we described the design, structure and development of this website and its relationships with the rest of the online newspaper and the health weekly supplement. Traffic results and analysis of news updating are used to describe the change of paradigm in health information within a national newspaper from an archive oriented website to a front running health section based on internet.
Results: a weekly health section has been active on paper since 1991. The electronic version was first posted online on 2000 [2]. During the following years a new section was created on an annual basis starting with AIDS in 2002 [3], cancer in 2003 [4], pain and tobacco in 2004 and neurosciences in 2005 [5]. A clear growing pattern has been achieved for every section. Due to its connection to a very successful general information website, traffic results for www.elmundosalud.com are higher than other more conventional or monographic online health resources. From 2 editors at the beginning, the web site is currently employing 10 people on a regular basis as well as a number of collaborators as medical experts for the different sections. Revenues come from the pharmaceutical industry in various forms. Independence about contents is guaranteed through a written contract specifying absolute freedom of initiative for the web. The website is permanently updated.
Conclusion: Our growth model a viable evolution from a printed version to an online tool which has changed the health information standards within the second largest national newspaper in Spain. Economic stability and sustained growth can be achieved with consumer oriented health information and education online. The business model is based on a general health information resource hosting independent sections with identical cloned structures appearing as soon as independent financial support is recruited for each project. Traffic is guaranteed by the placement of this global resource as an specific section of a general information website.
1. http//elmundo.es
2. http://www.elmundosalud.com
3. http://www.elmundo.es/elmundosalud/hepatitissida/index.html
4. http://www.elmundo.es/elmundosalud/oncologia/index.html
5. http://www.elmundo.es/elmundosalud/neurociencia/index.html

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