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Jose Luis de la Serna

Creation of an Online Joint Project for the Treatment of Tobacco Addiction Between a Consumer Oriented Health Website and a Hospital Based Tobacco Unit

Jose Luis de la Serna

María Sainz
elmundo.es (Madrid, Spain)

Javier Marco
Hospital Clínico San Carlos (Madrid, Spain)

Carlos Marténez
elmundo.es (Madrid, Spain)

José Carreras
Hospital Carlos III (Madrid, Spain)

Leopoldo Sánchez
Hospital Carlos III (Madrid, Spain)

Raquel Barba
Fundación Hospital Alcorcón (Madrid, Spain)

Topic: Next Generation Internet Health Applications
Track: Research
Type: Poster presentation

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     Last modified: March 29, 2006

Introduction: Between november 2004 and january 2006 the online health section of Spanish newspaper El Mundo [1] developed an online interactive tool for the treatment of tobacco consumers together with specialists on nicotine addiction from Hospital Carlos III (Madrid). Starting January 2006 and synchronic with a new restrictive legislation about smoking on public and working places approved by Spanish government, a new site called Vida Sin Tabaco was launched, hosted on web address www.vidasintabaco.com [2].
Aims and method: To evaluate the impact of online program Vida Sin Tabaco on tobacco and nicotine addiction treatment [3]. Since launching we have gathered complete statistics and data from users and specialist involved in the treatment in order to measure the quality of work and its progress. The site has a supporting role to a Tobacco Unit from Hospital Carlos III (Madrid). There are two pneumologist, two psychologist and one nurse from this hospital involved in the online treatment. They check the medical data of the patientes, choose the right therapy and monitor its evolution. They can communicate with registered users through email or even by phone if necessary. There is also one editor from the tobacco section of the health website of Spanish newspaper El Mundo involved in the project.
Results: In the first three months, more than 18.000 users registered to Vida Sin Tabaco. A total of 1.353 users quit during the allocated treatment period. There is no follow up information for 1.447 registries. As of March 29th there were 13.835 subjects on therapy. These figures represents an amount of patients almost 15 times higher than the usual number of patients treated in 2005 at the same Tobacco Unit from Hospital Carlos III. Most of the users (14.578) access the online program through Spain. There are patients from 58 countries. Apart from Spain, the geographic region which is more represented is South America (Mexico, 724 users; Chile, 730; Colombia, 298 and Argentina, 293). A partial analysis of 10.164 cases shows that 4.251 patientes where treating addiction withouth drugs; 1.472 users receive nicotine gums; 1.442 received transdermal patches and 559 takes bupropion. The others follow other combinations.
Conclusion: Online treatment resource for tobacco addiction Vida Sin Tabaco has expanded significantly the scope of a Tobacco Unit from a Hospital in Madrid from around 1.000 patients per year to more than 15.000 in the first three months since both the site and a new national law about tobacco use were implemented. With a rigid control from a group of specialist, tobacco online treatment can be administered effectively even to remote populations with Internet access [4].
1. http://www.elmundosalud.com
2. http://www.vidasintabaco.com
3. Jacqueline L. Stoddard, Kevin L. Delucchi, Ricardo F. Muñoz, Noah M. Collins, Eliseo J. Pérez, Erik Augustson, Leslie L. Lenert. Smoking Cessation Research via the Internet: A Feasibility Study. Journal of Health Communication, 10:27-41, 2005
4. Jean-François Etter. Comparing the Efficacy of Two Internet-Based, Computer-Tailored Smoking Cessation Programs: A Randomized Trial. J Med Internet Res 2005 (Mar 8); 7(1):e2

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