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MJ Suhonos

Open Access Publishing With Open Source Tools: Towards Sustainable Non-Commercial Journals

MJ Suhonos
Centre for Global eHealth Innovation / University of Toronto

*Gunther Eysenbach
Centre for Global eHealth Innovation / University of Toronto

Topic: Open Access publishing in medicine
Track: Practice
Type: Oral presentation

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     Last modified: June 22, 2006
     Presentation date: 10/16/2006 7:30 PM in RYH Confederation 5
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An important part of making Open Access publishing sustainable requires substantially decreasing the cost of online journal production. Similarly, Open Source software has been shown to lower the cost of deployment and maintenance for online applications. In particular, the freely-distributed Open Journal Systems (OJS) software, combined with a "lean" publishing approach and a variety of other Open Source tools, has enabled the possibility of low-cost Open Access publishing. The Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR), a peer-reviewed trans-disciplinary eHealth journal, has developed a hybrid business model based on this system. In doing so, it well may be one of the first examples of high-quality, sustainable Open Access publishing. This presentation aims to showcase the Open Source tools and lean publishing methods used by JMIR to establish it as one of the most efficient, and technically advanced, online journals currently produced.

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